About WebbWood

WebbWood® is brought to you by D.B. Webb, Inc of Leicester, NY. We are primarily a manufacturing company, making thousands of crafted wooden and composite parts every month for our customers across the US and beyond.

When production of Dymondwood® stopped, we looked for an alternative available quality-controlled source for our manufacturing clients. Our volume shipments and large stock reserves allow us to extend the WebbWood® product range with dynamic new color sets.

We're looking forward to working with you on your upcoming projects; we're always interested in hearing about your experiences with working with our material, and we're here to help with advice so that you can get the best from WebbWood® in your products.

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WebbWood®'s Phenolic materials are constructed from the same dyed hardwood veneers, with an increased number of plys per inch. They are then subjected to a vacuum process where moisture is extracted from the material and replaced with phenolic resin. This gives a strong hard material that can buff up to a glossy shine, and that has excellent water resistance.

WebbWood® is a highly engineered wood/plastic composite that has unique physical and mechanical properties. Dyed hardwood veneers are combined with engineering grade resins, heat and pressure to create a product that has the best characteristics of each. WebbWood® is distinguished by its unique strength, durability, dimensional stability, weather and moisture resistance compared to regular wood.

Applications include, but are not limited to the following: Archery, Game Calls, Pistol Grips, Crafts, Knitting Needles, Ornaments, Pens, Awards, Frames, Pool Cues, Musical Instruments and many more.