Phenolic Medium Density (PM) Now At Clearance Prices

WebbWood™ is an available replacement for Dymondwood®, ColorWood®, Spectraply® & Dymalux®. Available in a range of densities, with and without phenolic, WebbWood™ will match or exceed the specifications of your current materials.

WebbWood™ is available as panels (including half and quarter-cut panels), square blanks, and dowels.

WebbWood™ is available in a wide range of colors

WebbWood™ is a high grade engineered material made from laminated dyed birch that is perfect for machined, carved, and turned products. It comes in a range of weights and colors, including natural wood finishes, rich solid colors, and striking contrasting color combinations that look spectacular when cut or turned.

All WebbWood™ materials finish and polish well. The phenolic based materials are naturally glossy, requiring no more than simple polishing. The non-phenolic materials will accept a variety of wax, paint, and varnish finishes.

Choose your WebbWood™

WebbWood™ Low Density

WebbWood™ Low Density (LD)

Our lightest material, compare to ColorWood® or Spectraply®. Typical uses include gun stocks, tool handles, walking sticks, ornamental turned items.
WebbWood™ High Density

WebbWood™ High Density (HD)

This material is very similar to DymondWood® or Dymalux® without phenolic, which for many uses makes it easier to work with. WebbWood™ HD has been used in knife handles, cue sticks, bow risers and grips, and turkey pots and strikers.
WebbWood™ Phenolic Medium Density

WebbWood™ Phenolic Medium Density (PM)

We are discontinuing our PM material, and our higher specification PH product is now reduced in price to match the PM price.

Remaining PM stock is now listed at reduced prices for clearance.

Phenolic adds an extra level of water resistance, and brings a deep shine and resilience to finished products. WebbWood™ PM is used in game calls, pistol grips, cue sticks, pen blanks, jewelry, musical instruments and fishing lures. WebbWood™ PM is directly comparable with DymondWood® and Dymalux®.
WebbWood™ Phenolic High Density

WebbWood™ Phenolic High Density (PH)

WebbWood™ PH is our densest and strongest material, giving a luxurious finish and heft to quality products. This material is perfect for billiard accessories, cue sticks, decorative and hardwaring marine accessories, and nightsticks. WebbWood™ PH is designed to exceed the specifications of DymondWood® and Dymalux®.

Unsure which WebbWood™ is right for you?

Read our Guide to Selecting WebbWood™

About D.B. Webb, Inc.

D.B. Webb Inc distributes WebbWood™ Panels and cut stock. Our warehouse has an extensive selection available to purchase for use in your projects, and we're building inventory levels in new colors and sizes to meet the growing demand across multiple industries.

D.B. Webb Inc is a family-owned manufacturer of machined wood parts. We have been operating in Upstate New York since 1988.

Our philosophy is that we "Eat our own dog food". We understand what you need, because we don't just sell WebbWood™, we use it too.

For a range of products that we developed, we were unable to find readily available materials that met our engineering requirements and quality standards.

Our requirements were:

  • Consistent quality
  • Consistent availability
  • Flexibility for new color and size specifications

We worked with a manufacturer to create WebbWood™, a range of materials that combine excellent machining characteristics with colors, weights, finish and water resistance that are perfect for a broad range of uses.

Now, you too can use WebbWood to enhance the look and durability of your own products.

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WebbWood™ Usage Examples

Sporting Goods
Knife handles
Musical Instruments
Art, Sculpture & turned
Craft items
Hand tools
Night Sticks
Household items
Marine wood fixtures
Walking Sticks
Hunting lures & calls
Luxury goods

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